Please Pray

7/9 Update: My parent’s local doctor referred us to a neurologist at St. Elizabeth’s in Lincoln. After those doctors reviewed the MRI they did on Thursday and his past medical history, they determined he for sure had a stroke and they want more tests done at their hospital. (Something called doplar tests.) It’s possible that after getting the results of those tests they will put stents in his neck. If they decide to do this, he should be able to go home the next day. We are meeting with these doctors next Monday and hoping for the best.

Thank you all for your prayers. It’s weird. I spent the entire weekend at my parents house, enjoying a very large fireworks display (previously planned that my dad wouldn’t cancel) put on by the local pyromaniacs club (man, do I live in a redneck state) and painting their basement. He seems fine. Nothing is different, other than an obvious exhaustion in his eyes. I am thankful both my parents are home together, because my mom knew enough to not mess around and get him to the hospital the minute she heard his speech slur. Blood-thinners are an amazing thing, and my very determined red-headed mother is another.

We are blessed.

My father suffered from a couple of mini-strokes in the summer of 2004. He recovered almost completely with the except of some strength in his legs. He’s been able to retire early, hand the farm over to my oldest brother and enjoy his senior years.

Today he had another stroke. He is fine for now, but after spending all day at the hospital and running tests, they won’t know more until tomorrow. They may have to operate.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have the dad I do. He is supportive, funny, mischievous, loving and strong. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Please pray.

6 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. I found your blog via PTG’s site. I’m a fellow Nebraska blogger and am stopping in on all the blogs in his side bar. I’m so sorry to hear about your father. You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful relationship with him. I will pray!!


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