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loving a person… it’s no small thing

This pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. It’s the “reaching out and trying” part that hits me pretty hard right now.Loving a person just the way they are, it’s no small thingIt takes some time to see things throughSometimes… Continue Reading “loving a person… it’s no small thing”

a lament – – – selah

This spring I did a series on expectations – what it actually would look like if we tried to live our lives without them. If you go back and read the series, you’ll see I never come to any kind of solid thesis (that… Continue Reading “a lament – – – selah”


I sat down to write today, remembering I still had one more post I wanted to do to finish off my series on expectations. I don’t think I’m going to do it. I realize I could write about expectations a lot more, and the… Continue Reading “unsettled”

heartache [living life without expectations]

There are few things universal to the human experience. Heartache is one of them. We may feel it differently, process it differently, react differently… but make no mistake, we’ve all experienced heartache. And the thing about heartache is that no one wants to experience… Continue Reading “heartache [living life without expectations]”

dry bones

This last week was a very frustrating and difficult time for me. There was a big event going on at church. It was not one I was in charge of, but one in which I was more of over-seer and a support of a… Continue Reading “dry bones”

Deliberate Sin

My pastor‘s been preaching a series on the fathers of the faith (the ones in Scripture, not the ones I hear all too often about here at seminary re: all the John’s – Bunyan, Calvin, Owen, Edwards…) A few weeks ago he preached on… Continue Reading “Deliberate Sin”


You Who Never ArrivedRainer Maria Rilke You who never arrivedin my arms, Beloved, who were lostfrom the start,I don’t even know what songswould please you. I have given up tryingto recognize you in the surging wave of the nextmoment. All the immenseimages in me–… Continue Reading “Heartbeat”

Chiseling Away

For the past several weeks, God’s been doing a funny thing to me. It started with a surprising incident – during a time of worship that I wasn’t leading. He makes all things good was the line in the song that stuck out for… Continue Reading “Chiseling Away”

For Whom the Rooster Crows

I am like Peter. The one who promises Jesus over and over again that I won’t do it. That I could never… that the sin tastes so bitter I’ll never want it again. But then the rooster crows and I do it. More than… Continue Reading “For Whom the Rooster Crows”


My pastor preached on John 15 last Sunday, and if there is any chapter that I identify with the most in scripture, it’s this one. Pruning is harsh, and it really hurts when it happens to you, especially when you don’t want the pruning… Continue Reading “Wounds”