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in which i crawl in and out of myself.

Sometimes being an introvert is a pain. During May and June (as I have many, many times before) I crawled into myself and stayed there. I was a functioning introvert. I still went to work and small group and church and a few social… Continue Reading “in which i crawl in and out of myself.”

stories, glitter and plumbing

This is my absolutely favorite children’s bible. I hadn’t read any sort of children’s bible since I was a child myself and when I was looking for something different to use in Children’s Church, I knew The Jesus Storybook Bible would be the way… Continue Reading “stories, glitter and plumbing”

in which a monsoon causes waters to flow

I spent most of the morning on my back patio, watching the rain fall down over the dry desert land, talking on the phone with my loved ones far away and re-reading Blue Like Jazz. It’s 75 degrees outside right now. And it’s July.… Continue Reading “in which a monsoon causes waters to flow”

finding waters in Embrace Me, puzzles and coffee

Friday was a pretty awful day, with a garbage disposal failure (plumber can’t come until NEXT THURSDAY and I will be out of town) and the discovery of a major leak in my drip system. After the week I had, it just made sense… Continue Reading “finding waters in Embrace Me, puzzles and coffee”

dry bones

This last week was a very frustrating and difficult time for me. There was a big event going on at church. It was not one I was in charge of, but one in which I was more of over-seer and a support of a… Continue Reading “dry bones”

in which a "kid" takes care of me

Thomas is the first person I’ve ever hired. I didn’t do it by myself – I put together a committee of four people to help write the job description, go through resume submissions and then ultimately interviews and the hiring. We could only afford… Continue Reading “in which a "kid" takes care of me”

in which i fall in love with jr. high kids

Some days I feel like I have my hand in just about every area of the church (which I guess is bound to happen in a church our size – 500 – when you and the senior pastor are the only full-time ministry staff)… Continue Reading “in which i fall in love with jr. high kids”

"he caused waters to flow" – a project

When I lived in St. Louis, I grew very tired of the rain. The humidity I could deal with, (sort of) having grown up in the mid-west. It’s never pleasant, but it is simply part of living there. But the rain in St. Louis?… Continue Reading “"he caused waters to flow" – a project”