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woven threads

So I had to bake a peach pie.Those words came into my mind on my drive to work this morning. The trail to get there went something like this:Memories of feeling left out -> a chosen blog post -> a forgotten chosen blog post –… Continue Reading “woven threads”

falling out of love

My word for 2014, though I’m only realizing it now that it’s over, was courage. As I think about what I want and hope from 2015, there is a phrase that keeps running through my head. “falling out of love with what isn’t good… Continue Reading “falling out of love”

sentimentality and the death of Christmas idols

I’ve always been a particularly sentimental and nostalgic person, and it has increased significantly since moving away from my family, where this nostalgia is often born. Even as a teenager, I collected and kept things that represent memories and moments that are special to… Continue Reading “sentimentality and the death of Christmas idols”

Values vs. Inanimate Objects: How We Shouldn’t View the Newtown Tragedy

Do we really need one more voice out there about this? Probably not, but I’m going to say it anyway. Because one thing I will not stand for is when the people of America make a three-dimensional issue a one-dimension issue. This is not… Continue Reading “Values vs. Inanimate Objects: How We Shouldn’t View the Newtown Tragedy”

An Early Lenten Lesson

So, my first 5 days of Lent started out wonderful…. with me being sicker than a dog. I woke up Wednesday morning without a voice and by the afternoon I was so weak I could do little more than lay on the sofa and… Continue Reading “An Early Lenten Lesson”

Great quote…

“The problem is in the human heart, not in the gifts of God.” – Jerram Barrs


(Okay… first I must say, about this image to the left. The Golden Calf in cereal? Awesome.) I’m just finishing up a class on the book of Joshua, which has been a wonderful and fruitful experience this semester. (I was actually nostalgic last night… Continue Reading “Idolatry”