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being tethered

…and so it begins. This is the time of year I start to feel homesick. 2 years ago it hit me very hard around this time, so last year I went home in September to stave off these emotions. This year, I went home… Continue Reading “being tethered”

tight corners, feelings and self-talk

It’s always been a little been hard for me to be truly authentic with people when I feel hurt by them. Much of this is part of my own story, going back years and years of being taught that I was too sensitive and… Continue Reading “tight corners, feelings and self-talk”

beauty, mess and being left out

Being left out is one of the worst feeling in the world. Yes, as an adult, I still really believe that. Perhaps it’s because of how often I was left out of things in my childhood that makes this still a challenge today. And… Continue Reading “beauty, mess and being left out”

the slow art of mending

When I find myself trying not to look across the room, wondering. When I find myself waiting for that acceptance in some form of contact. When I find myself assuming rather than knowing. When I find myself waiting and hoping that this isn’t really… Continue Reading “the slow art of mending”


  Aside from giving up coffee and soda for Lent, I also gave up going to Starbucks. I love their tea, their smoothies, their lemon loaf… so I would have had many other reasons to go there aside from the “no coffee” rule. I… Continue Reading “Longing”

An Unexamined Life

Now that I am no longer a student, I find myself in this odd time of transition. Where I can’t find anything I need (because it’s all packed in boxes or suitcases), where I’m not really sure what to do with my time because… Continue Reading “An Unexamined Life”

Belonging to God – Part 1

I may have a major decision to make in the next two weeks. Or I may not. Bleh. In my “old” age, I’ve learned I don’t like change very much. I don’t like seasons of unrest or uncertainty. These seasons make me feel anxious,… Continue Reading “Belonging to God – Part 1”

Seminary and Money

I hate that those two words even have to go together. But it’s a very real issue I face every single day. When I first left my full-time job and moved to St. Louis, the first thing that scared me to death was the… Continue Reading “Seminary and Money”


Me and the trees, losing our leavesFalling like blood on the groundI want to be evergreenEverything dies, I know last nightPart of me wasn’t aroundI want to be evergreenYeah, evergreen… Waiting, and listeningHoping and missing all of our time left aloneI’m the one cutting… Continue Reading “Evergreen”

Grieving the Loss

A common term I hear around the seminary, mainly from counseling students, is the idea of “grieving the loss.” I hadn’t taken much time to find out what it meant, nor did I assume it was something I needed. Until last week. I have… Continue Reading “Grieving the Loss”