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HT: Kansas Bob


This one is fun. Answer these questions using ONLY ONE WORD: (not as easy as you might think) 1. Where is your cell phone? dresser 2. Your significant other? unfound 3. Your hair?disaster 4. Your mother? lovely 5. Your favorite thing? love 6. Your…


An appropriate post from Jan at the view from her (I’m particularly fond of #5, #8 and #14): Reasons I love living in the U.S.A. on our 232nd birthday: 1. The 4th of July. Barbecue, parades, sparklers, fireworks.2. We have the prettiest flag.3. You…


Click here. Listen for 54 seconds. Then come back. WHO IS THE PRODUCER OF THIS SONG? What kind of music professional allows a song to be recorded with the vocalist singing “tuh” instead of “to”? Especially when it’s in the title of the song!!?!!…

A New Design

My best friend Lindsey is serving as a missionary over in the Philippines. I created a website for her last summer and this weekend did a major overhaul of the design. She’s doing amazing work over there, and I thought y’all might want to…

Funny Ha-Ha?

I took this at 3:30 this afternoon. This is what our parking lot looks like. Our building has solar panels – this is a side view. Mother Nature’s Cruel Joke? (…I think it’s a little funny. Notice I said “a little”.)


I stumbled upon this little gem today. It’s hilarious. Stuff Christians Like. Scott – #128 is for you.