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Letting Go

2019 was a hard year, which is evident by my lack of posts. I had so much to write about, but it was all so hard that I couldn’t write about it. But that’s not what I’m letting go of today. In asking myself… Continue Reading “Letting Go”

of sorrow and joy [good friday hurts]

  There are many reasons Good Friday is a sad day for me.   It’s the day I lost my grandfather when I was 14 years old.   It’s the day my Savior died.   It’s the last day I spoke to one of… Continue Reading “of sorrow and joy [good friday hurts]”

loving a person… it’s no small thing

This pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. It’s the “reaching out and trying” part that hits me pretty hard right now.Loving a person just the way they are, it’s no small thingIt takes some time to see things throughSometimes… Continue Reading “loving a person… it’s no small thing”

on feeling marginalized

  mar·gin·al·ize: treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant or peripheral. Most of my life I’ve felt like a social pariah.  In high school, I was never pretty enough or athletic enough to be accepted. (I wish I’d known then the importance of… Continue Reading “on feeling marginalized”

Who’s House Am I Serving?

Being a people pleaser leads to heartache 100% of the time. This is an aspect of my life that I hate. There is this 18 inch space between my head, which know I cannot please everyone, and my heart, that wants to make everyone… Continue Reading “Who’s House Am I Serving?”

Why Be Vulnerable?

I’m good a keeping people at arms length. I’m fully aware of how this isn’t healthy behavior, but over years and years of getting hurt, I’ve found keeping people at arms length to be my survival technique. My fear of being hurt can be… Continue Reading “Why Be Vulnerable?”

What it Means to Be Held

Well, technically it snowed, but there was no accumulation, so my excitement was preliminary. Boo! The result? It’s just really, really cold and extra windy. Boo! There’s this song by Natalie Grant I’m blaring on my stereo right now called “Held”. The song is… Continue Reading “What it Means to Be Held”