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5 Things

The 5-things-in-various-places survey 5 Items in my Fridge:1. Diet Dr. Pepper2. Cream Cheese4. Lettuce5. 2 eye gel masks 5 Items in my Closet:1. A dresser2. My laundry basket3. Empty shoe boxes4. Shoes (duh)5. Hangers (duh) 5 Items in my Car:1. Cds, Cds, Cds2. Lotion3.… Continue Reading “5 Things”

This Made My Day

Do yourself a favor and read the first two questions under “Less Frequently Asked Questions” as you scroll down the page of this link. It will make you laugh.

Presbyterians and Superman

Interesting. Huh.

Me + Sparks = Bad

Yeah, so the electricity in my house almost killed me last night. My good friend Suzie is staying with me for the next several days. She got in last night and after we’d talked for a while, I decided to be a good hostess… Continue Reading “Me + Sparks = Bad”

Has it Really Come to This?

I think I found it – the bottom of the barrel for CD mixes. And it is bad. This morning, a man I work with asked me to play a CD he found it in the parking lot (he wanted to hear it first… Continue Reading “Has it Really Come to This?”

The Creepiest Light I’ve Ever Seen

I work at a lighting company and a new product we’ve introduced is one-of-a-kind glass art pendants. He hand-blows them, signs each one so it really is like getting your own piece of art. And I really like the artist. A lot of his… Continue Reading “The Creepiest Light I’ve Ever Seen”

Don’t Shoot Me Because I’m A Mac Person

What I’m listening to: Aimee Mann Man, do I catch a lot of crap for being a Mac person. In this sad little PC world, I actually find myself seeking out Mac people. And when we find each other, it’s like there’s this weird… Continue Reading “Don’t Shoot Me Because I’m A Mac Person”

Misplaced Obsessiveness

What I’m listening to: Plumb’s Beautiful Lumps of Coal So I’m innocently shopping at my hometown Hobby Lobby – a little against protest, not because I hate the store, but because the last 7 days of my life were overtaken by a scrapbook my… Continue Reading “Misplaced Obsessiveness”