Fuzzy Slippers and Shakespeare

You know what I’ve decided? That purple fuzzy terry cloth slippers are a girl’s best friend.

Yes, they cost me $2, and yes they are weird off-shade color of lavender, and no, they aren’t very warm, but what is it about these slippers that has me so enamored? I mean, they probably won’t last 6 months, they have no way of providing warmth for my chilly toes on this breezy fall evening, and yet, I’m oddly in love with these babies.

I made my way up to the storage area of my building about an hour ago, simply to see if I could find an empty box, and all the while thinking… I love these slippers.

Not that it’s at all abnormal for me to form unnatural attachments to the inatimate objects in my life. It’s really not. For example, I have this box in my kitchen cabinet (for lack of a better place to put it) with tons of bizarre things…but each one of them has a memory attached to it. And in this box is a mini-sized LifeSaver Candy pack. My friend Russ gave it to me on a truly horrendous day…he ran out of his way to catch up with me, and he told me I looked like I needed it. The LifeSaver pack of 4 tiny little candies will stay with me forever, because it reminds me of how one small gesture of kindness can make someone feel better – even if it’s just for a moment, and that makes it totally worth going out of your way for. May I learn to live my life like that.

I have this sticker on my guitar case. I love this sticker. It’s about an inch and 1/2 wide and 1/2 inch high, you can barely even see what’s written on it. But this sticker comes with a serious sentimental attachment. It sums up everything I was experiencing when I was entering into a strange stage in my life – in many ways I was starting over, struggling through an obedience I was sure I would fail at, loosing my best friend, searching for something…. anything that could get me though the rough days. So it made sense to put this sticker on my guitar case, because I play when I need to connect with myself and God and I was playing so much at that time. (And I detest seeing a guitar case covered with stupid, cheesy stickers – I don’t know, for some reason that bothers me to no end). But I did it for me. I averted thoughts of “what a cliche, to put a sticker on your case…” *roll eyes* and I adding it because every time I look at it, it reminds of that time, awful as it was, what I went through and how I came through it.

“Come what may,
time and the hour runs through the roughest day”(Macbeth 1:3)

So even though it’s a sticker on my guitar case, the Shakespeare part makes it a little less cheesy. I know I probably won’t form the same sentimental attachments to the lavender skippers as the LifeSavers or the sticker, but still. I love these things. They’re so soft.

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