Don’t Shoot Me Because I’m A Mac Person

What I’m listening to: Aimee Mann

Man, do I catch a lot of crap for being a Mac person.

In this sad little PC world, I actually find myself seeking out Mac people. And when we find each other, it’s like there’s this weird little unspoken connection between us. We don’t have to say it, or talk about it, we just know. It’s like we’ve got this little secret the rest of the world doesn’t know about.

We just know. We know it’s better to use a Mac for many, many things. We know it easier to use, we know the logic of the operating system makes so much more sense than a PC, and that the answer to every solution isn’t “ctl + alt + del”. Mac users rarely have to reboot – and when they do, it’s not because of the hardware, it’s because of the user. My PC? I’m rebooting every other day.

And what’s with never being able to find anything on my PC? It’s like when I’m working on something – where it gets saved off in neverland. I never wonder about that with a Mac.

But don’t ever tell a pro-PC person this or they will talk until you are converted. I’ve actually be afraid for my life when confronted with a fanatical PC person.

And I love that I’m sitting here listen to iTunes – an apple product, btw – while I’m typing this. Windows Media Player? Are you kidding me? Who owns the twisted mind that came up with that program? Drag ‘n drop – give me iTunes anyday. And what could be better than a program that lets me, at the click of 1 button, listen to all my Waterdeep music for the next 3 1/2 hours?

I’m lovin’ me some iTunes.

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