Snow Makes Me A Loner

What I’m listening to: Gretel’s Unreturnable Dirt _____________________________________________________________
I’ve discovered something about myself this last weekend. When push comes to shove, I’m more of a loner than a people person.

I’ve been snowed-in since yesterday afternoon. I love snow. I love it’s beauty, the way it symbolizes Christmas is here. Snow blankets the Nebraska plains, and blankets the trees that have lost their leaves from the windy autumn. I love to pick it up in my gloved hand and smoosh it together (yes that’s a real word. To me anyway). And I especially love it when it falls from my fingers and lands on my shoes. I love it way it feels in my hair during a snowball fight, I love how it makes a warm house seem so much warmer when I come inside.

What I don’t love is what it does to the roads and how it makes my trips to work scary. But it’s such a small amount of suffering for the peace it brings my soul. It’s my “manna from heaven” I guess.

Snow draws us inside and makes us do crazy things. I love getting stranded because of snow. It’s like an excuse to be irresponsible again. Like skipping work to watch Friends all day long, or back in my college days, a chance to gather in the lobby of the dorm and watch movies all day because classes were can celled. (Which unfortunately only happened once in my four years of higher education in Kansas. It never snowed much there. Just lots and lots of ice storms.)

That all being said, I love how being snowed-in isolates me. I get to do all the little things around the house that need to be done, I don’t have to put make-up on, and I can blare the music loud, I can finish my latest book: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, and I can get my guitar out and play and play until my fingers beg for mercy.

I love it when it snows.

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