I dislike books that are in a series (very much so)

What I’m listening to: Mainstay’s Well Meaning Fiction

… but I will recommend this one. I haven’t read the other two yet (I’m just barely finishing up this one) and as much as I hate reading books in a series, I may have to continue with this one. We’ll see.

I’m not a fantasy/science fiction sort of reader. Never been my thing. This book has a lot of that and more, yet it kept my attention despite the “fuzzy white bats” the “glowing trees in red, purple and yellow” and the “naka fruit”. Intrigued? Well, read it. It won’t take you long. It’s not a mind bender, but an entertaining read full of imagery and imagination. Blink is one of my favorite fiction books, so a friend gave me Black for Christmas. Interesting stuff.

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