Has it Really Come to This?

I think I found it – the bottom of the barrel for CD mixes. And it is bad.

This morning, a man I work with asked me to play a CD he found it in the parking lot (he wanted to hear it first to see whether to keep it and put it in lost and found – he was kidding, of course, if you knew him, you would get it- he’s just weird) but the title written on the top said “Crazy Mix #1, which peaked his curiosity. A lot of high school and college kids work in our production department so he was thinking it would be full of hip-hop/rap-type stuff. I’m guessing on many of the artists and song titles, so much of the following list may be wrong, but you’ll get the idea. Here’s what proceeded to come out of my computer:

1.) Roxette “Listen to Your Heart”
2.) O-Town “All or Nothing”
3.) En Vogue “Free Your Mind”
4.) George Michael’s “One More Try”
5.) Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”
6.) ? probably called “Someone’s Watching Over Me”. Sounds like a classic cheesy movie Disney-type song
7.) ? No idea on the name of the song and I refused to listen to it all the way through. Sounded like a bad KC and Jo-Jo song.
8.) Kelly Clarkson “Behind Hazel Eyes”
9.) ? Something about “My milkshake brings all boys to the yard” which is gross enough as it is.
10.) Of all things, “Lollipop” What the huh?
11.) “Mambo #5”
12.) ? Something about “being your lady”
13.) ? Something about “Where O Where Can My Baby Be?” sounded like Dave Matthews Band gargling.
14.) A rap song that continually repeats “Can I Have it Like That?” Ew.
15.) Sounded like Nellie Furtato maybe titled “Work it Out”
16.) The Pretenders (the only redeeming element is the presence of The Pretenders, but not this song.) “I’ll Stand By You”
17.) A sad little rap song probably called “Doncha”.
18.) P.Diddy/Mary J Blige/Sting “I’ll Be Missing You”

Seriously? Of the songs you recognize because I got close to the artist and song title, is this not the worse CD mix you can possible image ever being created? This what the future of America is listening to. Yikes. My ears hurt.

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