I’m obsessed with lists.

100 Most Shocking Moments in TV, Top 10 Videos of All Time, 100 Best Movie Quotes… I love them. I love sitting uselessly to click off my own personal choices and yelling “HA!” when mine makes the list. I love being right.

The latest list? AFI’s 100 years, 100 cheers . Cute, yes, but now they are just searching for shows to fill the summer time slots. With my house guest at some company dinner she was required to attend, I could watch without guilt of being considered a geek and yell at the TV all I want.

So here’s the list

I have no trouble admitting I haven’t seen all the movies on this list (Seriously, who’s seen Breaking Away?) and not even all that are in the top ten. There are now several more movies I want to see, but that’s normal for me. But here’s what really chaps my hide: There is NO WAY The Color Purple should only be number 51. Forest Gump, The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz were all higher on the list. Are you kidding me? I’m not knocking those movies (although I really do hate Forest Gump) – there are inspiring in their own way, but seriously? How can you compare those stories to a story of a woman in the early 1900s who, after enduring years of abuse from her husband, dares to leave him? At that time, in that place, under those conditions, nothing made me cheer harder that Celie never lost the spirit inside her. I can’t even say that number ten on the list Saving Private Ryan was more inspiring than The Color Purple . And Whoopi Goldberg? Genius.

This is the downside of being list-obsessed. How irritated I get when they are wrong.

Interesting fact: Sydney Poitier is in a whopping five movies on the list. That’s impressive. Not that Don Cheadle didn’t do an amazing job, but imagine a younger Poitier in Hotel Rwanda (#90) … tears…

What I’m listening to: Soundtrack to The Secret Garden (Original Broadway Cast) Now this should be on the list!

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