I haven’t had much to say this month. I’ve spent more time reading blogs than posting my own stuff. I am leaving Tuesday and will be gone for the rest of the week. (Hoping that one or both of the seminaries I am visting will give me some perspective. Maybe that’s why I don’t have anything to say…)

These blogs I enjoy reading on a semi-regular basis. (And they all pretty regular in their posting, which is nice.) Hope you enjoy as well:

On Worship:
Worship Matters
Eric Coomer
Common Saints

On the Emerging Church Movement:
The Oooze

Other Good Stuff on the Church:
Growing Edge Buzz
Every Thought Captive
The Merge
the church and postmodern culture: conversation

Heavenly Heartburn
An Eye for Redemption

In other random thoughts: why are most bloggers men? I have yet to find a great blog by a woman. Weird.

…Although I do sometimes find this one amusing.

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