Guess the Song Title

Some say the face is unforgettable
I’m sure I’ve seen it many times
Ah, but you know me, I forget so easily

I thought I saw you in a Sunday crowd
But then I lost you, in blur of color, watercolor clouds
Like deja vu
Was that you?

They say someday I won’t need to seek you out
But for now won’t you come and wrap me up inside your presence?
We can celebrate if you stay

I know you make your home in many given lots
Your vision is so clear you don’t see what is not
When I find you will I catch the cure you’ve got?

Surely you’re not in some distant land?
Maybe down the block
Even ‘cross the street
Have you always been near to me?

An obscure artist… and even more obscure song. The lyrics really only make sense once you know the title of the song. Hint: It is related to Advent, in a roundabout way.

Any guesses?

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