Best of ’06 – on the Pop Culture Realm


Best Ad Campaign: Apple Computers. (Like I would say anything else.)

Best New TV Show: Heroes, without a doubt. I also really love The Nine.

Best Season Finale: Grey’s Anatomy. The Office runs a fairly close second, but only because I discovered the show late.

TV Series I’m Glad to See Go: Charmed

TV Series I’m Most Sorry to See Go: Alias, but only in the Season 1 & 2 state, not present state at the time of the finale.

Annoying “News” Item of the Year: Tom and Katie

Best Reality Show Personality that Keeps Getting Better: Tim Gunn





Funniest Idea that Emerged: Recutting classic movie trailers into creepy horror movies and vice versa on YouTube. (The Shining is my favorite so far.)

Guiltiest Pleasure: So You Think You Can Dance

Funniest Political Moment that Shouldn’t Have Been Funny: Cheney shooting his hunting “buddy”.

Most Shocking Death: Coretta Scott King

Really Going to Miss Them: Robert Altman and Paul Gleason


Best Worship Album:
Paul Baloche’s A Greater Song

Best Worship Song: Desperation Band’s Treasure (From Live-At the Rooftops)

Best Christian Album of the Year: This is tough, but I have to say Derek Webb’s Mockingbird. But Mute Math and Jar of Clay’s Good Monsters are right behind them

Best Mainstream Song: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Best Mainstream Album: Amos Lee’s Supply and Demand

Best Rearrangement of a Hymn: Kristen Standfill’s Jesus Paid it All. (But I must mention Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone. It’s also very good.)

Most Fun Christian Song: MercyMe’s One Trick Pony

Best Crossover: Mat Kearney, followed very closely by The Fray

Best Use of Strings: Skillet’s Rebirthing

Best Return to the Scene: Plumb

Song that Captured the Year Best for Me: Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns.


One Comment on “Best of ’06 – on the Pop Culture Realm

  1. I am remiss – I forgot to mention Best Video of the Year: By far, Jars of Clay’s Work. Loved the concept, loved the song, loved the weird angle, the water – just love all the way around.


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