Best of ’06 – Movies

It was a rough year for good movies…

Little Miss Sunshine

I love Toni Collette and adore every movie I’ve seen her in. Then you add Steve Carell, Alan Arkin and Greg Kinnear? This tiny little independant movie was the most enjoyable thing I saw from the silver screen all year.When all the critics starting raving I was skeptical – because I always am. But this time I agree with them. This movie was an absolute delight from beginning to end, and if I don’t see it showered with awards I will be bitter. It has the one of the more unique story lines in independant film that actually reflects real life without being dull or pretentious. You know how hard that is to come across? It is for this reason, I call Little Miss Sunshine the stand-out movie of the year.

Others worth mentioning (or not):

Comedy: Talladega Nights

Best Title: Kinky Boots

Best Animated: Cars

Biggest Surprise: Click

Who the Hell Thought That Would Ever Make a Good Movie?: Snakes on a Plane

Wondering What All the Hype Was About: Mission Impossible III (This is probably a direct result of my hatred of Tom Cruise)

Best Story with the Worst Production Value: End of the Spear

Dying to See but I have to Wait Because I Live in the Sticks:

Aurora Borealis
The Departed
Little Children
Notes from a Scandel

3 Comments on “Best of ’06 – Movies

  1. I adored “Little Miss Sunshine”. I encouraged my youngest son to see it and afterwards I gave him my best Stephen Colbert impersonation…

    “So, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’…great movie..or GREATEST movie”

    He just rolled his eyes.


  2. I just love the spirit of the movie… and I hope you like it, KB. It’s rather quirky, which I also love in movies when it’s done right.


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