An Evening of Fine Television

…Ah, Gilmore Girls. I got cable just for you, and now your show is over.

I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this show over the years and I nearly gave up halfway through season 6. But I just had to know how it was going to end. From 7 to 8 tonight, I said at every commercial break “I’m so going to miss this show.” Not so much for the plots (they were nothing to write home about.) For me, it was more about the quick wit and charm of the writing, along with the very fine acting chops of Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson. (Those two actors are very over-looked.) Then the blessed TWoP recaps kept me in stitches for years. Thank you Pamie and Al Lowe! Lots of nostalgia for me tonight because this show, in the way it portrayed a realistic mother/daughter relationship, was ground-breaking to me.

I’m so going to miss this show.

Then in a huge surprise, Veronica Mars and a plug for one of the best causes I’ve discovered in the last year: Invisible Children. I first became aware of the organization last year at a Third Day/David Crowder Band concert where the documentary was shown. And what a worthy cause it is and deserving of television show’s endorsement.

See? Sometimes the CW uses their power for good.

2 Comments on “An Evening of Fine Television

  1. Pretty much unrelated post here.Got a package from Nebraska today…it has been a stressful week here. Needless to say, a good two-minute laugh was just what I needed. God bless you.I’m working on a picture for the blog.You were, are, and evermore shall be the bomb. Thanks.


  2. Aww… you make me blush. I would’ve given ANYTHING to be there when you opened it. Only an old Sterling friend deserves such a fine piece of artwork. (Just remember – it was all your idea.)


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