Fall TV line-up

It’s premiere week for the alphabet networks, and so far I’m not sure what to think.

I discovered Heroes at the end of last year, and the season premiere last night, while action-less, promised an interesting season to come. I was very disappointed to not get some hint of what happened after the Petrelli brothers went shooting off into the air to blow up, but I guess I was asking for too much. The addition of David Anders to the cast, while maybe only for a short time, made me quite happy. I’ve also heard rumors of Kristen Bell joining the cast as well. That also will ensure I keep watching. The show is not without it’s flaws – the end of last season felt very repetitive, so I hope that won’t happen again. We’ll see.

Tonight I turned to House, another late discovery for me, and loved every second of what I watched. (I did miss a little, since I’m trying to pack for a short work trip I’m leaving for tomorrow). With all the cottages gone, it was interesting to see what happened. This is not a must-see show for me, if I miss it’s no big deal. But if I’m around and in the mood for TV, I’ll be watching FOX on Tuesday nights at 8.

The big squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee moment will come Thursday night for the season premiere of The Office. I am simply giddy with anticipation. Yippee!

I’m not sure if I will turn to ABC after The Office to catch Grey’s Anatomy. I told myself I wouldn’t, but I’m not so sure I won’t at least try a glimpse. I have invested in three seasons, as irritating as part of them were. The main draw for me at this point is the music – they have excellent taste. (See video below. Mat Kearney’s voice is like home to me.)

What’s on your fall schedule?

4 Comments on “Fall TV line-up

  1. i think abc has the most promising line up of the year, but for some reason most of them are pushed to a later start date. i am eager for the return grey’s, ugly betty, brothers & sisters, smallville (guilty pleasure). mid-season….i am all about lost & october road–seriously a good show with amazing music.Hopefully i can catch private practice and see if it is a good as promised. I think cashmere mafia, pushing daises and the one with christina applegate look promising. by saying that I am sure the networks are cancelling them as we speak.since we are on a technology fast, the networks are all i have. i am interested in heroes (yeah-kristen bell!) since I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and Milo Voioijeklwkjogijodgsdj. but missed it last night.we are definately cut from the same cloth in many ways, cousin!! sorry for the super long comment.


  2. I enjoyed the Heroes opener, I am dropping Greys Anatomy this year, still watching CSI/CSI-NY, Earl, the Office … watched Housewives but don’t know if I’ll keep watching … watched or recorded a few of the new < HREF="http://kansasbob.blogspot.com/2007/09/geek-tv.html" REL="nofollow">geek shows<>. A few BBC-TV shows that Ann and I watch are Doctor Who and Torchwood.


  3. Mer – I’m looking forward to the Christina Applegate show as well. One of the writers is Pamela Ribon, who wrote a great Chick Lit book called <>Why Girls Are Weird<> It will be opposite Heroes, though, so I am thankful for ABC’s online choices. You should most definately watch Heroes. I love it.I’ve been off and on with Lost. When I watch it, I’m captured, but if I miss it it’s really no big deal to me. Weird. I also watched Ugly Betty on ABC.com and thought it was cute. Saw it a few times last year, but wasn’t a regular watcher. Probably because of The Office.Bob – So far, I haven’t been too excited about the “geek shows” you mentioned in your post. It’s just not me, I guess. Must your background at AT&T, huh? What did you think of The Office’s season premiere?


  4. Chuck, Heroes, Smallville, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, The Amazing Race, and whatever my wife has on when she’s watching HGTV.Then… LOST in February.


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