Competitive Reality Show Heaven

Regular readers may remember what a fan I am of Iron Chef America. I love the over-the-top attitude the show relishes in. I laugh out loud, am fascinated and weirded-out every time I watch it. Never having seen the original Iron Chef I don’t know if the American version stands up, but that doesn’t matter to me – for now I am in American reality show heaven.

As a lover of competitive reality shows like Project Runway, Top Chef and The Amazing Race (which I haven’t seen in two years since my CBS strike. *tiny sniffle*) I was giddy with anticipation last week with the premiere of what? You guessed it. The Next Iron Chef.

Last week they sent home Traci Des Jardin, not only one of the few women ever on ICA but actually a winner against Mario Batali, who has am impressive 15-4 record. I felt she was sent home too soon. This week, there was fun with chemicals and the awesome Wylie Dufresne. Giddy again.

So far my favorites are Aaron Sanchez and John Besh, probably because I’ve seen both their original battles on ICA and both impressed the pants out of me. Besh won against Batali, while Sanchez tied with Morimoto, one of the original Iron Chefs in Japan.

I adore Top Chef, but this show puts it to shame. These chefs are obviously some of the best in America and to watch them go head-to-head amidst the strange challenges (make a desert with squid? Really?) is a pleasure.

The addition of Alton Brown does hurt, either.

2 Comments on “Competitive Reality Show Heaven

  1. Julie and I are officially addicted to this show.Alton Brown rules the universe…and we are cheering for Besh.


  2. I’m right there with ya…Last night gave me a bit of a scare for Besh. They didn’t say too many good things about his food. I was hoping for Sanchez to go farther. I think he specialty of Latin flavors would have complimented the ICA team. Symon’s grown on me; he’s had two good weeks now.On the edge of my seat until next week…


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