The WGA Strike

I was talking with a co-worker today regarding the writer’s strike. I asked her if she knew what it was about, and she said, “They just want a bigger salary, right?”

No, actually, that’s not right.

If any of you download an episode of The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, etc. – either from iTunes (where you pay for it) or from, where it’s free – the writer’s don’t get a dime. The studios call this “promotional material” and are getting away with not offering residuals for the people that created the product. Promotional? I don’t think so. It’s estimated that digital downloads create over a billion dollars worth of revenue per year. And the writers of those shows DON’T SEE A DIME.

Join the writer’s strike by not downloading anything until the get what is due them. It will be there when the strike is over… you just might have to wait a while to see it. And the short videos I’ve included below give great explanations. This isn’t about a bigger salary for them. They just want a share of a profit the studio is going to make anyway.

By the way, the average writer’s salary is $200,000/yr. That’s a lot, but compare that to the studio executives that make 20 million a year and I wouldn’t cross the line, either. I can only be on strike in my little way. (I haven’t been able to watch Samantha Who? and it’s eating away at me. But I will not watch until this is resolved.)

The writer’s aren’t being greedy. They have earned this.

Pamela Ribon, one the writer’s of Samantha Who?, is keeping us all up to date on the strike activities on her blog. If I wasn’t a regular reader of hers, I would’ve have thought the same as my co-worker. So that’s why I’m posting this. Spread the word. No more downloads! Solidarity!

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