Reflections on My Vacation

General observations:

Midwest airlines really is the only way to fly. Warm chocolate cookies and a round trip ticket to Seattle for $180? Come on. The only inconvenience is the 6 hour drive to Kansas City, which is hardly an inconvenience at all. And one of my closest friends is moving to Kansas City in a couple of weeks, so how great is that?

Although it rains a lot in Washington, the wind there is sooooo much warmer than here.

My family is a little crazy.

85 people is a big wedding up there. Here, 200 is average. No wonder I feel more at home there than here.

We are all vanilla. But I can look around there and see orange sherbet, rocky road and fudge swirl just walking down the street.(I came up with this metaphor Friday night at dinner with my friend Shannon who lives up there. Her friend who joined us for dinner thought this was hysterical. But Shannon totally knew what I meant.)

The food there is so much more interesting. Not necessarily better, although the salmon pesto sandwich I had the Boundary Bay Brewery was incredible.

More to come.

One Comment on “Reflections on My Vacation

  1. KC has a great airport.. just wish that more plnes flew out of it. Things were better when Braniff, Continental and.. now what was the name of the airlines.. had hubs here.Glad you had a great time.


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