Click here. Listen for 54 seconds. Then come back.

WHO IS THE PRODUCER OF THIS SONG? What kind of music professional allows a song to be recorded with the vocalist singing “tuh” instead of “to”? Especially when it’s in the title of the song!!?!! Bad. Bad. Bad.


4 Comments on “Grrrrr

  1. The song is fine, her tone is fine… but her pronunciation? Inexcusable.The original recording of the song ruins any other cover of it for me. Click < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<> for a listen. Hang until 2:38, it will blow you away!


  2. I guess what’s more annoying to me, (I’m sorry, I mean annoying tuh me) is the fact that the song sounds so generic I can’t even remember the words OR music – and I just listened to it 30 seconds ago! It’s about as memorable as a Matchbox 20 song.


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