Top Ten Things I Love About House

10.This episode. Broke my heart.

9. His T-Shirt collection (mostly vintage, and somehow they all seem to do with death..)

8. The completely unrealistic medical traumas (one of my small group members is a doctor and he told me that none of the stuff they talk about on the show is even possible. awesome.)

7. House’s musical ability

6. The stuff that makes me laugh.

5. The opening credits. I LOVE that song.

4. Jesse Spencer‘s accent

3. The Wilson/House dysfunctional friendship

2. Hugh Laurie’s scruffy beard

1. His cell phone ring is Mmmm Bop by Hanson. That is, simply, the greatest thing ever.

3 Comments on “Top Ten Things I Love About House

  1. Absolutely one of my favorites Stephanie! House is one greatly written and acted character. Ann and I often say that we want to invite him in to diagnose her condition 🙂


  2. Remember when Sara Mac read “mmmm bop” at soemthing public on campus? I’m completely blank as to what it was. Someone just handed her the lyrics and she read it as a serious poem. Classic.


  3. It is only an urban legend to me… I heard about after, but wasn’t present. Sad. 😦 I would’ve given just about anything to witness that.


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