Thoughts I Had During "Fall" – a Gilmore Girls Reflection



Wow. Is it ever disconcerting to have Lorelei not in Connecticut.

I feel like I should say something about the “the pack is too full” bit. But it’s not really all that funny to me.

Has the book (movie) really spawned this whole culture of women doing this trail thing?

“Of being dressed like this?” I love Lauren’s line reading here. I don’t know why I find it so funny. 

That hat is so Lorelai.

Jason Ritter! But I wanted more from that scene.

Rory in that red dress and jean jacket? So cute.

Wow. Luke is a hot mess without Lorelai.

The whole laptopper/coffee house/headphone/no talking thing is kind of freaking me out. Have we really devolved this far since 2005?

Really? The movie girls brought the laptop on the hike? 

Ok, considering these girls are “the book” why are all the questions about relationships or drugs? Does no one remember the REAL reason Cheryl needed to do the hike? I mean, I guess there were other reasons, but it was really about her and her mom.
I love that they had Esther say “in omnia paratus”.

The gorilla masks!

NOW I understand all the promo interviews on set with these guys. Their outfits were confusing, and I kept thinking they were in Stars Hollow for some kind of Victorian Christmas, which made no sense. This does, weirdly.

Robert looks so different. He looks shorter. Is that possible?

“We decided we had to come and take you out.” That’s sweet. And the look on Logan’s face when he hands her that hat? Ooof. It’s like he knows what a jerk he’s been. Good. Keep it that way, Logan.

I hated The Life and Death Brigade, because I felt like they brought out the absolute worst in Rory and Logan. No one needs friends that make them more selfish.

I’m really not understanding this whole sequence. The dance scenes? But if it is all that homage, then I forgive Amy, since I haven’t seen Across the Universe.

“You owed me nothing.” Oh, Rory. How are you still so messed up about what sex does in a relationship?

Rosemary Clooney! The ONLY time I’ve ever liked Collin.

Rory. You are just so gross. I’m so sick of saying this but HE’S ENGAGED. You’re being a jerk. And stupid.

I am so glad she doesn’t take that key.

Logan, pardon my language, but you NEED to feel more like an ass.

I really love Finn’s hair.

The goodbye scene with the boys is really sweet, but since I don’t understand this friendship, I hope it’s for good.

Goodbye Logan. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

Yay! Another Parenthood cameo!

I realize they were never going to let Lorelai go on this hike, but I honestly would’ve rather seen it than not.

“I will see you tomorrow”? Her finding that permit and repacking her bag would not take all day. What, is there only a 5 minute window where the park ranger checks the permits and lets people go through?

Oh. This speech. This speech. SO many tears.

“I looked up and there was dad.” The look on Emily’s face when she hears this is priceless (and heartbreaking) because she finally realizes what the phone call is about.


This was about her dad all along.

Ah, finally, those guitars!!! That’s when the show means business. I’m trying to remember when the last time they used that music cue in these new episodes, and I’m not sure they did. So it feels like they used it to signify that things are finally back to where they should be.

Dang, Paul Anka is the cutest dog begging for that steak from Luke.

“I believe in a former life I was coffee.” Look for that on a t-shirt soon.

“Hello Kitty booth” BAHAHAHAHA. Luke knows her so well.

As wonderful as this speech is from Luke, and it’s the speech every woman wants to hear, it’s pretty scary that a person would change who they are entirely for another person, and that the other person would ever want that. That just seems like a set up for failure and lots of resentment.

Though I have to admit, my heart jumped a little when Luke said “I need you.”

Big sigh. “I think we should get married.” Well, yes, it is about time.

Emily in Nantucket is all kinds of hilarious. She couldn’t push that guy out of there fast enough. It’s no wonder. He’s BOB. #stuffmadeofnightmares

Rory’s writing the book at her grandparents’ house. That makes so much sense.

I gasped when Rory opened the door to Richard’s study and Ed Hermann was sitting there. *sob* He is so missed. I hate that he’s not part of this.

Michel interviewing his replacement is a thing I could watch all day long, except that I don’t get the references, which I’m guessing are famous people in the hospitality industry?

The beginning of this scene with Rory and her mom in the kitchen, with no talking, is pretty much pitch perfect.

Chinese food, Pop Tarts, Red Vines, and ice cream. I’m getting a stomach ache just looking at this spread.

Lorelai must be so insecure about being a mother. This really feels so out of character to me.

I hate how long the scene at the DAR is, but it was really great to see Emily come undone and swear so many times.

Lorelai’s outfit and hair in this next scene are wacko.

Miss Celine? Really?

“You must have friends” How long have you known him, Lorelai?

Please tell me Kiefer Sutherland is making a cameo.

How big is Rory’s phone?

Christopher. Wow. I heard he was part of this, but I had given up.

Why does Christopher need to work for the family business? Doesn’t he have all this money that will last forever and ever and ever?

So, Gigi lives in Paris. Christopher is not. Full circle.

This scene is really odd. I wonder if it’s because Amy never really wrote for Christopher, since he was only mostly in season 7.

When she asks her dad how he felt, I thought it was for the book. Now that I know the last four words, it changes the whole thing.

Christopher never really does answer her question.

They’ve never really had a relationship, and that must be really hard. It makes me so thankful for my own dad.

Emily is selling the house. That is going to make her a millionaire (if she isn’t already.)

Why in the world does Emily answer and hang up the phone like that?

“What was the exact moment you became a Mamet play?” HAHAHAHAHA

Full circle. I weirdly didn’t see the money borrowing coming.

“You need money” “You need money” “So, you need money” “I’ll get the checkbook.” *sob*. Have I mentioned I miss Richard? Full circle.

I love that Rory and Dean bump into each there at Doose’s. But I’m annoyed Dean has nothing in his hands. 

This scene is the only one of all Rory’s old boyfriends that felt genuine.

What she says about him is a wonderful affirmation of how much he cared for her and that she actually realizes it. And I’m not even Team Dean.

I got emotional as soon as Lorelei said “Sookie”.

I’ve read some criticism about how the Lorelai and Sookie magic was gone here, but I disagree. Things shouldn’t be the same… because she’s been gone for two years. She left the Inn. Their relationship isn’t the same.

Some nice call back with the cakes. Daises. Cakes on cakes.

I’ve got to know more about this milestone cake, because when did Duluth ever come into their friendship? And an Animal Fair? What is that a reference to? And who is the person holding a large piece of paper in from of the Duluth thing? I NEED ANSWERS.

And if that’s the zucchini patch, I love it. One of my favorite moments of the show. But those are some scary-sized zucchini.

Fat-free magic granola? I love that. So on character.

“I’m not broken. Maybe just a little chipped.” Heartbreaking.

I love the sniffing and Sookie knowing what other chefs were there. Classic.

I think Emily’s ending is the most satisfying one of all the storylines.


I love that Kirk has thrown up in both of Lorelei’s bathrooms.

I also love Kirk.

A glitter gun? Sound perfect for Lorelai.

Isn’t that not seeing each other thing supposed to be the day of? The wedding is tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if they see each other today. All brides and grooms do in traditional situations. It’s called the rehearsal.

Finally. Lorelai comes to her senses. Rory should write this book. Their story needs to be told.

Nice reference to The Social Network. I love that movie.

Jess is so not over Rory. He never has been.

Awwwww. Petal and Paul Anka are cuddle friends.

A flashmob to Steely Dan? PLEASE TELL ME WE GET TO SEE THIS.

Getting hitched the night before? Stealing story lines from Mad About You, are we?

I teared up as soon as I heard the opening strums of Reflecting Light.

Wait, why are there ballerinas practicing so late at night? 

The door thing is cute, but there is no way they couldn’t see the town square. (I know, wonder killer)

Yes, it is perfect. Good job, Kirk. But I don’t see the chuppah.

Lorelei’s wedding dress is black? Not getting that in comparison to the one she picked out in Season 6. But it’s very Amy, especially with the hat. There are flaws in the show, but one of the biggest was that it sometimes felt like a pure self-indulgence for Amy and Dan. The wedding dress is an example of that.

They waltz. AWWWWWW.

It’s hard for me that Emily and Sookie aren’t there. But the moment of Emily in Nantucket during a song called Reflecting Light is appropriate.

Ok. Here we are at the gazebo. I know this is the last scene and wondering what the last four word are is KILLING ME.

Telling her she doesn’t suck for how she treated Paul is really ridiculous, Lorelai. Because she does.



Weirdly, my first thought is that it’s the Wookie’s. But duh, of course not.

Ok, all the full circle references. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But this just feels like a hopeless way to see life. Almost like a “sins of the father are visited upon the children” kind of moment, where all of Lorelai’s work to raise her daughter to not make the same mistakes she did were for naught. This show has always had a sweetness about it, and this just feels like it was done for the shock factor. Destroying the shows legacy of sweetness and light. 

And I’m not saying this as if I believe it’s the end of the world that Rory is pregnant. Of course it’s not. It’s just so not in keeping with everything the show has sent a message about in the past.

I just can’t with this. Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is Rory’s Luke. I guess this is a reflection of what Rory witnessed with her mom’s relationships. 

It’s weird I’m feeling so negative about this, because generally speaking I like unexpected endings. Even prefer them to the tidy white bow endings.

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