finding home

I am linking up for Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Place.”

I’ve lived in a lot of places for my age, so I’m told.

Nebraska. Kansas. Colorado. Nebraska again. Missouri. Arizona. Kansas again. 

All of these places have good and bad memories attached to them. When a hint of them crosses my mind, sometimes it’s joy and sometimes it’s sorrow. And as with most people, I wanted to find my place at each place.

But I’m not sure I ever have.

I don’t want to go down the road of, “of course I’m the different one” again. I do that far too often in my life. But I have struggled, in each new start, to figure out where I fit in. What I could offer this new place. What it could offer me.

I far too often associate a place with doing. When it really should be about being.

While I still believe that God is ever-changing me, I am still me in each place. I bring a new set of learning as I move on, but I’m still me, carrying around my baggage and my idols and my sin. But also carrying around the triumph and transformational power of Jesus Christ with me. So maybe I’ve been approaching this all wrong.

Maybe going to each new place is more about being than doing. Maybe it’s about finding home within myself, and not finding home in a place.

4 Comments on “finding home

  1. OH yes Stephanie!!! I'm finding home within myself a little late into my journey, but hey that's okay we're a fantastic work in progress at the hands of our potter and his timing is everything!
    In the number 13 spot today


  2. Nebraska is one of the places I come from too. I was born there. And I'm also a pretty big Huskers fan!! I'm your neighbor at FMFPARTY this week!


  3. We moved to our current small town 16 years ago. Although my husband was in a very high-visibility role, it was hard to truly fit it. We heard things like, “oh, it takes 15-20 YEARS before people really accept you around here.” Oh, my… Strangely, at the 15 year mark, we began to sense a shift. In hindsight, I think part of it was our community, but part of it was us simply learning to find “home” within ourselves. I think you're right on track: finding “home” is about being, not doing. Great food for thought!


  4. I like this Stephanie:

    “I far too often associate a place with doing. When it really should be about being.”

    Good words dear friend.


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