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Since moving to Arizona, the holidays have always had a tinge of sadness for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not “home”, because there isn’t snow to get me in the spirit, because 70 degree weather doesn’t feel like Christmas to me.… Continue Reading “waiting”

the haunting of imperfection

Women spend most of our lives worrying that we are not good enough. It’s possible men do too, but I have no firsthand knowledge of this, so I am wiring from my own experience today. This disease of not being good enough has another… Continue Reading “the haunting of imperfection”

i’m no good at this

I was spending some time talking with God last night, trying to make a decision. Not really an earth shattering one, but it kind of was. Because I knew that no matter what choice I made, it meant something was coming to an end.… Continue Reading “i’m no good at this”

this isn’t about me

I’ve never been a great multi-tasker. When I am deep in a project, like today when my head is completely immersed in James 5:7-9, the phone rings and it’s some salesman from a publishing company wanting my business, I get a little irritated. I’d… Continue Reading “this isn’t about me”

blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 7 and 8

Do you ever get tired of trying? I do. I get tired of trying to be more than I actually am. Tired of being the one who presses. Tired of being the one who is desperate. Tired of being the one who is always… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 7 and 8”


I confess – I’m probably the only Christian in the world who hasn’t read the Boundaries book by Cloud and Townsend. I own a copy but I just haven’t gotten around to reading it. Last year my best friend tried to convince me of its… Continue Reading “boundaries”

hard, but worth it

I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about why I have the people in my life that I do. Of course, it involves my own choice to an extent… because love is about a series of decisions you make. Yet once love is there,… Continue Reading “hard, but worth it”

the hustle

“Calling-out?” “Convicting?” “Keeping accountable?” “Restore him gently” (to use a softer, biblical phrase from Galatians 6) So, basically, being someone’s Holy Spirit. I was having a conversation with my friend/cousin Meredith the other day and she mentioned “the hustle” – a term Brené Brown… Continue Reading “the hustle”


 It seems as though all we do this time of year is prepare. For me, I have to prepare everything ahead of the rest of the world, it seems. My family lives several states away, so that means shopping early and preparing the gifts… Continue Reading “prepare”

the hush of advent

On the Meyer’s Briggs personality test, I am an INFJ. When I first tested for this in seminary, I was borderline N/S and F/T. Then when I had to do my family genogram ( for my Marriage and Family Counseling class, I discovered something very… Continue Reading “the hush of advent”