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Loss. It’s a word that provokes a lot of emotion. The loss can progress over time, but can also decrease over time. What kind of crazy-ass supernatural kind of emotion does that? Loss does. Sometimes loss is inevitable. Sometimes we’ve seen the writing on… Continue Reading “loss”

a lament – – – selah

This spring I did a series on expectations – what it actually would look like if we tried to live our lives without them. If you go back and read the series, you’ll see I never come to any kind of solid thesis (that… Continue Reading “a lament – – – selah”

crushing grapes

There is something powerfully heart-crushing about realizing you don’t mean as much to someone as they mean to you. If you’ve been reading around here for a while, I’m a pretty intense feeler, particularly since the beginning of this year, when I finished writing… Continue Reading “crushing grapes”

pastors and expectations [living life without expectations]

My sweet friend over at Kansas Bob suggested I write about this topic, and I hardy feel like an expert, since I am not a pastor. But I have seen the inner workings of a few churches and have seen the struggle pastors go… Continue Reading “pastors and expectations [living life without expectations]”

shame and expectations [living life without expectations]

  Have you ever been at a crossroads with a friend? Where you are sensing that the friendship just isn’t good for you and that it’s time to set it down and leave it behind? I’ve been in that place a few times. I… Continue Reading “shame and expectations [living life without expectations]”

unconditional love and unhealthy expectations [living life without expectations]

I went to visit a friend a back in March and told him about how I was writing on expectations, inspired by two friends of mine – two friends who live their lives without expectations, so they are never disappointed. He was all for… Continue Reading “unconditional love and unhealthy expectations [living life without expectations]”

detachment, part 2 [living life without expectations]

As I practice my words here, and work out what I am feeling and experiencing in my life through these words, I’m recognizing the courage of emotionally connecting with myself is different from emotionally connecting with other people.   For those to whom I… Continue Reading “detachment, part 2 [living life without expectations]”

detachment, part 1 [living life without expectations]

I was standing in the kitchen across from her. She was sitting up on the counter and telling me about her latest group session class. The topic was detachment, and as I listening to her explain who it manifested itself in adult relationships, there… Continue Reading “detachment, part 1 [living life without expectations]”

heartache [living life without expectations]

There are few things universal to the human experience. Heartache is one of them. We may feel it differently, process it differently, react differently… but make no mistake, we’ve all experienced heartache. And the thing about heartache is that no one wants to experience… Continue Reading “heartache [living life without expectations]”

feeling the disappointment [living life without expectations]

 As part of a new series I’m starting on expectations, one of the most unexplored places for me is disappointment. Understanding it, exploring it, and “sitting in the emotion” of disappointment and really letting yourself FEEL it. One of the reasons I see this… Continue Reading “feeling the disappointment [living life without expectations]”