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I recently watched the movie Annilhation. It’s not my usual type of movie (I’m not much into sci-fi or scary movies) but so many friends recommended it. In that way you could tell it wasn’t a feel-good kind of epic sci-fi, but a “that… Continue Reading “build”


I was staring at my computer screen on Tuesday night, working on an article. I’d read through some feedback I got from a respected writer friend. He told me I had several places to move into the active voice. (I’ve never been very good… Continue Reading “pause”


I am linking up for Five Minute Friday a five minute free write with a word prompt each week. Today’s prompt is “Include.” I think we spend most of our lives wondering if we’ll be included. Wondering if we will get an invite to… Continue Reading “include”


I am linking up for Five Minute Friday a five minute free write with a word prompt each week. Today’s prompt is “Depend.”  Being single stinks. I know some people who think we have it so easy without a husband, “you must have so… Continue Reading “depend”


I really don’t like this word. Noting specifically came to mind about it when I first learned of the prompt.  Well… except that I thought “I really don’t like this word.” I’m not good at accepting what life brings me as enough. I always… Continue Reading “accept”


I feel my heart bursting out of my chest and suddenly I cannot stop myself. The words pour out of me,racing from my brain to my heart to the fingers and onto my computer and It’s like I just threw up. I long for… Continue Reading “inspire”


I am linking up for Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Collect.” We’d love to have you join us on Thursday nights for our Twitter party. Don’t forget to check out FMF’s… Continue Reading “collect”


How do you know? When it’s time to build? Time to tear down? Time to repair? Time to start over? My own life feels like a series of tearing down and tearing down. Then building part of something.  Then tearing it down again. (You… Continue Reading “build”


I live in a world of “when.” When this happens, I will… I remember when…   When is always looking forward and always looking back. I’m not sure how happy I am with either at this point in my life. It’s not like I’m… Continue Reading “when”


I’ve kept you long past our expiration date.   You see, INFJs tend to do that. Because connection with others is like the white buffalo for us, we will often fight tooth and nail to keep that someone we connect with in our lives.… Continue Reading “keep”