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I Will Not Live For Anyone Else

What I’m listening to: Sara Groves’ Conversations (In particular, This Journey is My Own, which is such a great song) So, I talked to an old friend tonight. Someone I haven’t really seen or talked to in well over a year. We still live… Continue Reading “I Will Not Live For Anyone Else”

may i wear black?

What I’m listening to: Don Chaffer’s You Were at the Time for Love coffee and daylight obscure my senses as the sun goes downmy eyes travel across pages with words i do not want to facei want to be put awaywhere no one is… Continue Reading “may i wear black?”

Fuzzy Slippers and Shakespeare

You know what I’ve decided? That purple fuzzy terry cloth slippers are a girl’s best friend. Yes, they cost me $2, and yes they are weird off-shade color of lavender, and no, they aren’t very warm, but what is it about these slippers that… Continue Reading “Fuzzy Slippers and Shakespeare”