Some Things that Bug

What is it about the blogging community that can simultaneously bring out my self-esteem issues and my rage at the same time?

There is the self-righteous blog, too good for anyone with a differing opinion.

There is the high-horse blog, that if you disagree, they won’t post your comment (or delete it), despite the absence of interesting discussion.

There is the weirdly absent blogger, who posts thought-provoking articles, only to never show up again and let the rest of us opine without him/her.

There is the uneducated blog that thinks it’s smart and only succeeds in looking ignorant, stupid and hickish.

There is the “I’m too smart for my own good” blog where the author clearly tries too hard by forming sentences that while sound smart, manage to say nothing at all.

Having posts rejected, affirmed, deleted or spur one another on creates a push-pull on our egos. Sometimes we respond to annoy the author, sometimes we respond to gain the author’s respect, and in both those cases we can loose who we are, all simply to get someone’s attention. And when we fail, our fluffed up feathers deflate sadly and we retreat into blog obscurity, only to comment on blogs that no one reads in effort to lick our wounds.

All in all, my least favorite blog is the kind lead by an intellectual piss-ant who refuses to ackowledge anyone at all. If you don’t want people to read or comment, why are you in the blogosphere in the first place? Self-importance? Welcome to the club. That’s why we’re all here.

Be who you are. Don’t pretend. Acknowledge one another with grace and love. And remember that we are all children of God. Piss-ant or not.

/rant over.

4 Comments on “Some Things that Bug

  1. Genevieve –

    Thanks for stopping by again. I enjoy your love and appreciation for nature. You don’t see that too much in the blog-o-sphere. You just keep plugging away.


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