Month: March 2006

Gin and Bitterness

What I’m listening to: Reindeer Section’s You are My Joy . Don’t get the wrong idea by the title of this post – I’m not a Gin drinker. Actually, I’m not a drinker. But that’s irrelevant for the sake of this post. But I… Continue Reading “Gin and Bitterness”

I dislike books that are in a series (very much so)

What I’m listening to: Mainstay’s Well Meaning Fiction … but I will recommend this one. I haven’t read the other two yet (I’m just barely finishing up this one) and as much as I hate reading books in a series, I may have to… Continue Reading “I dislike books that are in a series (very much so)”

Snow, Snow, Snow

What I’m listening to: KLOVE on my iTunes So I walked to work today. That was interesting. Nearly two feet of snow and only two people bothered to scoop their sidewalks. So I spent most of the time walking in the middle of the… Continue Reading “Snow, Snow, Snow”

Speaking of smiles…

This just made my week. Jessica Simpson snubs President Bush What I’m listening to: Dvorak (New World) Symphony

How can I not share this?

What I’m listening to: ABBA’s Gold (and I’m not afraid to admit it!) It’s hilarous.And I swear it has nothing to do with me being a Mac person.

Being Someone Who Matters

“Why would you want to spend your life where you aren’t needed?” A typically thoughtful question from a man known for well, his thoughtful and stirring questions. Earlier this week, my friend Angie mentioned one acceptance speech stuck out to her as she watched… Continue Reading “Being Someone Who Matters”

I can only shake my head in disbelief

This guy makes me sick And sorry that I used to live in Kansas.


What I’m listening to: Waterdeep’s Live at the New Earth I’m not called to be a worship leader. Not that ever felt 100% confident to be worship leader…because if God spoke to me in a still, small voice or a loud boom, I completely… Continue Reading “Surprise!”

I stand and look around an empty place…

What I’m listening to: Canticle of the Plains Last Sunday I went to clean my old place. To make it new and shiny for the next inhabitants. Start in the back, work toward the front. Top to bottom, work in a circle. I’ve always… Continue Reading “I stand and look around an empty place…”