Month: December 2013

the risk of excruciating vulnerability

I discovered this talk a couple of years ago and I watch it pretty regularly. Each time I take away something different. Which I both love and hate.  “There is only one variable that separated the people who have a sense of love and… Continue Reading “the risk of excruciating vulnerability”

sentimentality and the death of Christmas idols

I’ve always been a particularly sentimental and nostalgic person, and it has increased significantly since moving away from my family, where this nostalgia is often born. Even as a teenager, I collected and kept things that represent memories and moments that are special to… Continue Reading “sentimentality and the death of Christmas idols”

disappointment, love and being an INFJ

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about disappointment in a post. And I’m experiencing it in spades right now, so that usually means I needs to write about it. So I can figure out how I feel. Yes, this is how an INFJ works.… Continue Reading “disappointment, love and being an INFJ”