Month: March 2014

feeling the disappointment [living life without expectations]

 As part of a new series I’m starting on expectations, one of the most unexplored places for me is disappointment. Understanding it, exploring it, and “sitting in the emotion” of disappointment and really letting yourself FEEL it. One of the reasons I see this… Continue Reading “feeling the disappointment [living life without expectations]”

a new series

I’ve been making a list. A list of all the things I want to explore and write about concerning expectations. So this is going to be my new series. I haven’t done a writing series in a while, and I’m not that great at… Continue Reading “a new series”

loneliness and the white buffalo

It’s such a real feeling. It comes it waves… not tiny ebbs and flows but in huge, crashing, surfers’ dream kind of Hawaii-sized waves. What do you do with loneliness when you are introverted? It’s not the same… being a loner and being lonely.… Continue Reading “loneliness and the white buffalo”