Month: March 2007

That Old Time Classical Music…

I’m exhausted. Not my body, but my voice. For the last eight weeks I’ve been rehearsing with the Axtell Oratorio Society. This is the 50th year this group has performed Handel’s complete Messiah, and that’s a pretty big deal for a town about about… Continue Reading “That Old Time Classical Music…”

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction is fun and quirky with a little bit of heart and a little bit of strangeness. But hey, I like quirky. Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal are an unlikely on screen pairing but I was completely won over by their bizarre… Continue Reading “Stranger Than Fiction”

A New Focus

I’ve been knocked out this week with a pretty bad cold, but that didn’t keep me from the Colbert Report last night. Rich Cizik was recently appointed to the office of Vice President for Governmental Affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals. And… Continue Reading “A New Focus”

Hash Browns and the Gospel

I’m procrastinating everything lately, and it’s not pretty. Unless it’s directly in my sight, taunting “finish me!” or “do this!” I’m simply ignoring it. I don’t know why, but what I’m discovering is that if I would simply do it I would save the… Continue Reading “Hash Browns and the Gospel”

The Cranes

I spent last Saturday with my brother who lives by Overton, Nebraska, a small town about 45 minutes from where I live. As the evening approached, we decided to take a drive to see if we could capture some photos of the rural farm… Continue Reading “The Cranes”

The Death of Good Coffee

I was driving through my neighborhood grocery store parking lot when I discovered this: For a while now I’ve been wondering what the little building was to become. The sign finally went up.. this town is getting it’s third Starbucks. Not that the other… Continue Reading “The Death of Good Coffee”

Captain America

Captain America Killed Outside Courthouse The comic book character was first published during WWII, a time when America was polverized. Much like it is now, so says the co-creator Joe Simon. Captain America was created to be an adversary of Adolf Hilter, and while… Continue Reading “Captain America”

I Almost Ran Over Derek Webb

I’ve never come across a Christian musician whose work as meant as much to me as Derek Webb’s. He’s the Charlie Peacock of our generation (and oh how I wish Charlie recorded more. I don’t care for his voice or style, but his lyrics… Continue Reading “I Almost Ran Over Derek Webb”

Is God Romancing Us?

Steve Fuller over at A Better Way has a great post today about a college professor that chose to retire in order to take care of his ailing wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. There’s a video you can watch on his post or… Continue Reading “Is God Romancing Us?”