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for what is small is not at all

It was such a small thing. But it didn’t feel small. And then I realized… that was sort of the point. Lots of us have our online “community” of friends. People we interact with on facebook, twitter, etc, that we have not met in… Continue Reading “for what is small is not at all”

falling in love

While I have taken the time to identify who and what I must fall out of love with this year, I also must take a moment, with my words and my heart, to remind myself of those I plan to stay in love with.… Continue Reading “falling in love”

pragmatism and the lavish love of God

I grew up on a farm. That doesn’t mean much in my life now, for I’ve always been a city kind of girl. My mom made sure there was more than just farm culture in my life growing up and I have fond memories… Continue Reading “pragmatism and the lavish love of God”

Prayer, Silence, and Kneading

Week 3 into “Sacramental Baking” course I’m taking online and finding this week particularly tough… and it’s only day 2 1/2 since we’ve received our assignment. Week 1 was particularly sweet, because it was the epitome of everything I wanted to get out of the course – take… Continue Reading “Prayer, Silence, and Kneading”

Being the One Waited For

I stepped off the airplane and moved down the ramp with my luggage. I flew into Grand Island, NE this time, a small town with an even smaller airport. As I walked toward the single gate, I see my dad right in front, looking… Continue Reading “Being the One Waited For”

The Hush of Advent

I’m teaching a two-part series on Advent on the 11 and 18th of this month, so I’ve been studying, writing, and researching about the history of advent, the scriptures associated with advent, and how the church practices (or often, doesn’t) it. I write a… Continue Reading “The Hush of Advent”

The Meaning of Emptiness

For as the rain and the snow come down from heavenand do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,  so shall my word be that goes out from… Continue Reading “The Meaning of Emptiness”


I realized something today. I’m not even remotely the same person I was two years ago. Oh, there are some similarities. I still love movies and music, coffee and chocolate. I still play guitar and love the fall colors. I still laugh at the… Continue Reading “Transformation”

A New Birth

My blog silence has been rather inexcusable of late. Though I have had some major life changes and am still in the process of settling in and feeling normal again, I also have a healthy perspective that things may never feel normal again. That… Continue Reading “A New Birth”

A Sweet Moment

This afternoon I had the privilege of being part of a sweet and wonderful pastoral moment. My new pastor and I were at lunch and were able to stop by a congregation member’s new business on the way back to out church. This new… Continue Reading “A Sweet Moment”