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the beauty and the mess of grace

I’ve been thinking about this word a lot lately.   Do you remember that scene in Evan Almighty when Morgan Freeman is talking to Noah’s wife and he says to her, “If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does… Continue Reading “the beauty and the mess of grace”

falling in love

While I have taken the time to identify who and what I must fall out of love with this year, I also must take a moment, with my words and my heart, to remind myself of those I plan to stay in love with.… Continue Reading “falling in love”

when I think about leaving

I think about the time I had you over to watch a movie with a bunch of others and you inspected my bookcase just to make sure we could be friends. I think about that time I was at your house until 3am playing… Continue Reading “when I think about leaving”

Prayer, Silence, and Kneading

Week 3 into “Sacramental Baking” course I’m taking online and finding this week particularly tough… and it’s only day 2 1/2 since we’ve received our assignment. Week 1 was particularly sweet, because it was the epitome of everything I wanted to get out of the course – take… Continue Reading “Prayer, Silence, and Kneading”