Month: February 2006

Our Empowering Connection

What I’m listening to: Switchfoot’s Legend of Chin You know, I hope Fleming Rose is pleased with himself. 24 killed in Nigeria religious violence He defended himself in the Washington Post last week and while he has every right to, and some of his… Continue Reading “Our Empowering Connection”

A Worship Leader’s Responsibility

Over the last several months I’ve been specifically thinking about the responsibility of a worship leader. Beyond the physical aspects of choosing music, organizing teams, planning the projection of songs, leading devotions at rehearsals, etc. I’ve been slightly erratic in my thought process –… Continue Reading “A Worship Leader’s Responsibility”


What I’m listening to: Charlie Peacock’s Everything That’s On My Mind I hate packing. Next week I’m outta here!

Colson missed the mark on this one

What I’m listening to: A mixed tape I found in the process of packing from 2001. Hee. I haven’t listened to a tape in years. I came across this article:Musical Mush I’ve always respected Church Colson – his work, his teaching, his books, his… Continue Reading “Colson missed the mark on this one”

Effective and Intentional

What I’ve listening to: My Restoration Mix Our pastor is asking all the leaders in the church to comes to the next ministry team meeting with these two words in mind: Effective and Intentional.He’s asked us to examine the effectiveness and intentionality of the… Continue Reading “Effective and Intentional”

Out With the Old

What I’m listening to: In the Name of Love: Artist United for Africa (which has a great cover of “40”) I’m in the process of packing – I’m moving at the end of the month and last night I came across my old journals.… Continue Reading “Out With the Old”