Month: June 2006

What Now?

My mind unprepared yet my heart prepared, I feel a crushing blow. I sit facing my friend – shocked but not shocked. Somehow I knew but didn’t know the unhappiness was so deep inside. I was reflecting into the people and places who didn’t… Continue Reading “What Now?”

Songs about the Holy Spirit

Blech. What is it about this topic that every song written about it makes me want to plug my ears? This is the thrid time in three pastors I’ve had to deal with this topic in worship. And all the songs out there are… Continue Reading “Songs about the Holy Spirit”

What If It All Means Something

I’ve been pondering a little about why I write here. Never too great at the handwritten journal, I was skeptical when I decided to start on online journal. That was three years ago (on and true to form, I didn’t keep up with… Continue Reading “What If It All Means Something”

Presbyterians and Superman

Interesting. Huh.

Fight or Flight?

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know I’m a worship leader. In a “happy with the status quo” “family-reunion” type-of church that I grew up in, love, am not afraid to be disillusioned with, and a church that is trying to… Continue Reading “Fight or Flight?”


I’m obsessed with lists. 100 Most Shocking Moments in TV, Top 10 Videos of All Time, 100 Best Movie Quotes… I love them. I love sitting uselessly to click off my own personal choices and yelling “HA!” when mine makes the list. I love… Continue Reading “Lists”

Me + Sparks = Bad

Yeah, so the electricity in my house almost killed me last night. My good friend Suzie is staying with me for the next several days. She got in last night and after we’d talked for a while, I decided to be a good hostess… Continue Reading “Me + Sparks = Bad”

Law of Love

The article I linked to below is of the kind I’m seeing a lot of in the last year or so. Maybe they’ve been out there longer, I just never noitced. I don’t know. Here’s is something I feel compelled to point out: “I… Continue Reading “Law of Love”

Everyone Should Read This

If you thought Christians would listen I had to share it now. It’s too good. More thoughts on it later.

Post-Apocalyptic Macbeth

I went to see a production of Macbeth a while back. (A line of which this blogger takes her blog name – this isn’t a reflection that I ‘m obessed with the play. I do think it’s a masterpiece of literature, but the quote… Continue Reading “Post-Apocalyptic Macbeth”