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the body keeps score

I stared at the vanilla latte on the table in front of me. My friend Linda asked questions about what I had shared, and I searched for something sure and concrete to hold on to. The small red table between us reminded me we… Continue Reading “the body keeps score”

of dreaming and marching

I’ve never been to a writer’s retreat. The fact is, I don’t really consider myself a writer, though I do occasionally call myself that. There is a tension in “being” a writer and just being someone who writes, I guess. We started out the… Continue Reading “of dreaming and marching”

safe people

After taking some time to process unsafe people in this post: …I’ve had to time to read more in the Cloud and Townsend book about what safe people look like, and more importantly, how to become a safe person. A safe relationship is… Continue Reading “safe people”


I’ve kept you long past our expiration date.   You see, INFJs tend to do that. Because connection with others is like the white buffalo for us, we will often fight tooth and nail to keep that someone we connect with in our lives.… Continue Reading “keep”

the hustle

“Calling-out?” “Convicting?” “Keeping accountable?” “Restore him gently” (to use a softer, biblical phrase from Galatians 6) So, basically, being someone’s Holy Spirit. I was having a conversation with my friend/cousin Meredith the other day and she mentioned “the hustle” – a term Brené Brown… Continue Reading “the hustle”

falling out of love

My word for 2014, though I’m only realizing it now that it’s over, was courage. As I think about what I want and hope from 2015, there is a phrase that keeps running through my head. “falling out of love with what isn’t good… Continue Reading “falling out of love”


This has been a challenging four years. A lot has happened in my time in Arizona… a great deal of joy and laughter. Even more growth and stretching. And many tears. Tonight, for the first time, I actually heard a small voice inside me… Continue Reading “regret”

shame and expectations [living life without expectations]

  Have you ever been at a crossroads with a friend? Where you are sensing that the friendship just isn’t good for you and that it’s time to set it down and leave it behind? I’ve been in that place a few times. I… Continue Reading “shame and expectations [living life without expectations]”

to be known

                I had the privilege to speak at a women’s conference this last weekend, and in a way that only God could, he intervened on my topic. Which made me very nearly terrified. The theme of the… Continue Reading “to be known”

the risk of excruciating vulnerability

I discovered this talk a couple of years ago and I watch it pretty regularly. Each time I take away something different. Which I both love and hate.  “There is only one variable that separated the people who have a sense of love and… Continue Reading “the risk of excruciating vulnerability”