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  I first learned about Rise back last Fall, thanks to a few tweets from friends. Then I had the first hand of experiencing the power of what they do in April, when I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids.… Continue Reading “Rise”

Of Influence, Change, and Loss

I’ve been refreshing my mind on adaptive leadership of late, as some significant changes are happening in my job. Three themes are on my heart today, and when something is on my heart I will loos sleep until I write about it. Influence___ I’ve… Continue Reading “Of Influence, Change, and Loss”

stories, glitter and plumbing

This is my absolutely favorite children’s bible. I hadn’t read any sort of children’s bible since I was a child myself and when I was looking for something different to use in Children’s Church, I knew The Jesus Storybook Bible would be the way… Continue Reading “stories, glitter and plumbing”

in which a "kid" takes care of me

Thomas is the first person I’ve ever hired. I didn’t do it by myself – I put together a committee of four people to help write the job description, go through resume submissions and then ultimately interviews and the hiring. We could only afford… Continue Reading “in which a "kid" takes care of me”

Processing the Gospel

My small group just began the 9-week study “The Gospel-Centered Life” by World Harvest Mission. I’ve gone through the 36 week version of this study (Gospel Transformation) twice, once as a learner and once as the teacher. I’ve also taught another small version of… Continue Reading “Processing the Gospel”

Chaos and My Teachable Moment

… And Ashton’s meltdown began. We were frosting cookies for the nightshift at the police station tonight. We were doing this as a thank you for all their amazing work keeping us safe.(Which means a lot in our town.)  Ashton had used his knife… Continue Reading “Chaos and My Teachable Moment”

I ask for a vision statement for adult Ed and this is what I got…

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Grace and Love (and some other stuff)

I have to love others who have a history of not loving me.I have to love others who’ve rejected me.One of the first things a professor said to me that hit me really, really hard was this: “You can’t be in ministry unless you… Continue Reading “Grace and Love (and some other stuff)”


So, I’m about 5 months into my new job. And Wednesday night I was overwhelmed by it. Not so much in the details of the job – i.e., the stuff that needs to get done to make a ministry even happen. I’ve pretty much… Continue Reading “Acceptance”

An Example of Community

I have one grandparent still living, my maternal grandmother. Her husband died when I was a sophomore in high school and since his death, she has lived alone. She’ll be 92 in December. And she still lives on her own. Wow. I have occasion… Continue Reading “An Example of Community”