in which a "kid" takes care of me

Thomas is the first person I’ve ever hired. I didn’t do it by myself – I put together a committee of four people to help write the job description, go through resume submissions and then ultimately interviews and the hiring. We could only afford to hire a part-time youth director, so we knew it would be tough to find the right person. Thomas was that person.

As I was on my way to Starbucks Saturday morning (I managed to wake up with sun at 5:30 on my “day off” – though I spent most of the day working on VBS) and I hit the stop light just outside my subdivision and there he was to my right in his little red car… heading the same direction as me. Thomas has always been an early riser, so I wasn’t too surprised to see him out and about. He waved at me, and when we stopped at the next stop light together, he laughed and smirked, undoubtedly hearing my Mumford and Sons music blaring. Early in the morning in Arizona, you relish having your windows down because of the cool weather.

Thomas has been a refresher for me. He’s young (22) and mature in his faith, a big kid inside but I also joke about him being a 40 year old man inside as well (he goes to bed at 9:30 and it more responsible that most 40 year olds I know, especially for a youth pastor). He’s quite conservative and I know he wasn’t much for women leadership in the church before he met me. We have one mind theologically otherwise, and also both have a passion for worship. It’s like having the little brother I always wanted but never had.

After Starbucks I made a quick stop for my vice and rare indulgence – a BoSa’s glazed donut. By the time I got home I had a text from him, “Get your morning coffee fix?” He knows me well.

It’s amazing how moments like this can water you. I realize I’m not like most people – I’m quite introverted with an outgoing personality with a staying power against burnout I don’t fully understand. God has made me amazingly resilient, and I’ve found I rarely only break not from working too much but from lack of people caring for me.

Thomas is someone who cares for me.

I don’t ask for much when I’m sick or when I’m having a bad day. I don’t expect people to come take care of me or to run my errands or even really commiserate with me. But when the people considered close friends can even be bothered to check on me? That’s what breaks me. 4 months after I hired him I got very sick during a difficult time a work. Thomas was the only one in my life here in Arizona who called to make sure I was ok. He sends me encouraging text messages each time I preach and I regularly get a text from him tell me he’s praying for me. That’s not bad for a 22 year old kid. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate working with him.

This post is part of the he caused waters to flow project.

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