Month: October 2006

Little Reminders

Every guitar player has their favorite pick. Not one actual “pick” but the one brand, texture, and thickness you found that fits you. I am no different. When I first began to play, I sought the advice of professionals at one of our local… Continue Reading “Little Reminders”

In Honor of Friday the 13th

I decided to watch one of my all-time favorite freaky movies – The Village. I will not spend the whole post waxing philosophical about the greatness that is M. Night Shyamalan. I’ll let my friend Rocky do that for me here, here and here.… Continue Reading “In Honor of Friday the 13th”

The rest of my trip

My aunt and I spoke for quite a while more – an opportunity I’d been praying for since we decided to go on this trip together. Thankfully it was given to me: the chance to share with her God’s never-ending love no matter the… Continue Reading “The rest of my trip”


Last week I traveled to Kansas City and then on to St. Louis to visit two very interesting and two very different seminaries. Why seminary? Well, it happened sometime after this. I remember glancing through church job descriptions in order to make sense of… Continue Reading “Seminary”

A Look Back

In light of my recent anniversary, I decided to glance back at some old posts in order to point out my favorites. On the ChurchNever Underestimate GodLove and the ChurchLaw of LoveFight or FlightBoundaries – Part 2 On WorshipColson missed the mark on this… Continue Reading “A Look Back”

I think it might be…

…a step in the right direction. Pope Benedict XVI is expected to cast aside the concept of limbo.. Maybe those old Catholics can change after all. 🙂

Happy Birthday To Me

Today, I am offically one year old on I look back over the last year and I feel as though I’ve come full circle. Let me explain… A few months ago a young girl from my congregation approached me and asked me to… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday To Me”

Has Blogger gone Mac only?

My page looks like crap from a PC. The type is too large and for some reason the bottom half shows all the text being centered. Per usual, it looks fine on a Mac. I’ve seen some other blogger pages and they also seems… Continue Reading “Has Blogger gone Mac only?”