Month: May 2008

Tornadoes in Kearney

Tornadoes in My City Video of One of the Tornadoes (Storm chasers are crazy!) Video Footage of the Damage I’m alive. Maybe a little worse for the wear. Yes, train cars did get derailed and cars did land on top of one another. Here’s…

Pop Culture Quote Monday

Hint #1: Won 5 Oscars in 1979. Hint #2: The character who said this was played by Dustin Hoffman. ________________________________ “Daddy, you’ve really lost a lot of weight”, he looks up at me and he says “And it’s all gone to your nose.”

Living Life Without Expectations

Photo courtesy of Lola Rodriguez over at For my new series on expectations, click here My cousin over at in progress recently posted some questions about expectations… living with them, living without them, and all the frustrations that go along with a disappointment…

Pop Culture Quote Monday

I’m a little bit country And I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll


A good friend of mine from college started a vlog a while back and introduced “Dramatic Reading Wednesday”, where he recites lyrics from ridiculous songs in a very earnest and sincere way. Only Craig can make it as funny as it is. I requested…

Pop Culture Quote Monday

Come on, you guys. That one isn’t that hard!!!!! You can do it! A: You can never go too far. B: If I’m gonna get busted, it is *not* gonna be by a guy like that.

Types of Growth – the Apples

My pastor and I had a heart to heart last night after rehearsal. I talked to him about my recent questions about residue, and he reminded me of something very, very important. We’re used to setting a goal, running the race, and crossing the…