Month: July 2007

Is the commercial jingle a thing of the past?

Has anyone else noticed this? About a month ago, while washing dishes and listening to the TV in the other room, I noticed I was hearing a lot of familiar songs. Once I noticed, I couldn’t help it. Each time a commercial break come… Continue Reading “Is the commercial jingle a thing of the past?”

Just Breathe

I’m scared. Nope. I take that back. I’m terrified. I don’t know why it just hit me this weekend. Probably because I’ve been looking for housing options up in Minnesota, trying to figure out how this going back to school thing is going to… Continue Reading “Just Breathe”

What Do I Deserve?

I struggle with the idea of the prosperity gospel. Thankfully, I didn’t grow-up with it; I’ve only encountered it as an adult and old enough to understand the premise. John Piper has a great sermon on it you can listen to at the University… Continue Reading “What Do I Deserve?”

Once again, tagged

Blame it on The Very Left Reverend. “5 things I dig about Jesus” 1.) He taught me how to love. Christ loves me no matter what. That freaks me out a little. But that love is the greatest example of what love really is… Continue Reading “Once again, tagged”

Love it.

Mr. Bean rocks my sauce. You know… I just realized I went to high school with a guy who looked exactly like Mr. Bean. But my classmate wasn’t funny.