Month: June 2007

Why Aaron Sorkin is [Not] My Hero

6/30/07 Update: The series finale of Studio 60 aired this last Thursday. With the return of the show on May 24th, I’d hoped that though the show was canceled, it would still go out with the excitement it came in with. With the exception… Continue Reading “Why Aaron Sorkin is [Not] My Hero”

Evan Almighty

I had a wonderful evening last night – dinner, movie and coffee with a couple of friends. One is leaving for 4 weeks on a short-term mission trip to Denmark so we had a little goodbye for her before she leaves. I enjoy Steve… Continue Reading “Evan Almighty”

Matthew 6:19

Priced at 98 million dollars, this piece of contemporary art is an actual human skull encrusted with more than 1,000 carats of diamonds. This piece, titled “For the Love of God” went on display in London back in February. Denying that was an expensive… Continue Reading “Matthew 6:19”

Why I haven’t posted in over a week

I’ve been busy hyperventilating.


**No I am not impersonating Dwight when I say “question”.** Hee. Is it better to not confront a person you’ve already forgiven, that has recently come back into your life after a long period of absence, and has never acknowledged or apologized for the… Continue Reading “Question”

Invisible Children

One of the beautiful things about the electronic age is the ease it’s given us in contact our Senators and Representatives. Today I received an email from World Vision: Did you know that an estimated 250,000 children are exploited in armed conflicts worldwide? These… Continue Reading “Invisible Children”


This? Just made my day.

Failing in Solitude

Word’s gotten around at church about my application to seminary. Last week two people mentioned it, then this week four did. I imagine the senior pastor brought it up at the last board meeting, in order to discuss what they would do if I… Continue Reading “Failing in Solitude”

Nothing Left to Lose

This is how I feel tonight. Something’s in the air tonight The sky’s alive with a burning light You can mark my words something’s about to break And I found myself in a bitter fight While you’ve held my hand through the darkest night… Continue Reading “Nothing Left to Lose”

Pick-a-little, talk-a-little

I was shopping at Target earlier and walking towards the check-out I spotted two women, probably in their earlier 40s. They were impeccably dressed and adorned with nice jewelry, both had the latest style of haircut; the epitome of a woman secure and happy… Continue Reading “Pick-a-little, talk-a-little”