Month: January 2007

Acceptance and Approval

All my life I’ve wanted to be “special”. (No, not that way.) I remember going through flip book after flip book with the special education teacher back in the first grade. And I tried so hard to get them all right. I wanting nothing… Continue Reading “Acceptance and Approval”


I hate war. Bring them home.

Censoring at it’s Best

Kansas Bob alerted us to this recent event regarding the movie The Queen. All mentions of God are bleeped out of a version of the film distributed to Delta and some other airlines. Jeff Klein, president of Jaguar Distribution, the Studio City, Calif., company… Continue Reading “Censoring at it’s Best”

Ego Stroking

Musicians. *rolls eyes* *shakes head* Oy. As a worship director, I have the sometimes daunting task of dealing with… well, “different” personalities. As my mother repeated to me over and over as a child “Music people are funny.” Not funny ha-ha. Funny weird. I… Continue Reading “Ego Stroking”

Peaks and Valleys

Sometimes it sucks being a girl. I’m sad tonight, and I have no idea why. I feel as though at any moment I could burst into tears. Far as I can tell, there is absolutely no reason for it. So in my head, I… Continue Reading “Peaks and Valleys”

Some Things that Bug

What is it about the blogging community that can simultaneously bring out my self-esteem issues and my rage at the same time? There is the self-righteous blog, too good for anyone with a differing opinion. There is the high-horse blog, that if you disagree,… Continue Reading “Some Things that Bug”

The Weight of Sin

Last Monday I had a heavy, heavy heart going into my small group. It’s one I’ve been part of two years. The leaders are people I trust. The other there are those I love. It’s hard to ignore your sin in front of people… Continue Reading “The Weight of Sin”

i repent

i repent, i repent of my pursuit of america’s dreami repent, i repent of living like i deserve anythingof my house, my fence, my kids, my wifein our suburb where we’re safe and whitei am wrong and of these things i repent i repent,… Continue Reading “i repent”

Top Ten Myths About Christians – Part 2

Read Myths 10-6 here. Myth #5 You have to go to church to be a Christian. How does the old saying go? “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in the garage makes you a car.” So what does… Continue Reading “Top Ten Myths About Christians – Part 2”

Top 10 Myths About Christians – Part 1

The inspiration for this post came from the link attached to the title of this post. I enjoy reading each week. It’s a chronicle of a brother and sister attending different churches each week and sharing their experiences. Although I’m not sure about… Continue Reading “Top 10 Myths About Christians – Part 1”