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Who’s House Am I Serving?

Being a people pleaser leads to heartache 100% of the time. This is an aspect of my life that I hate. There is this 18 inch space between my head, which know I cannot please everyone, and my heart, that wants to make everyone… Continue Reading “Who’s House Am I Serving?”

The Problem With Being an Adaptor

So last year I took this really long leadership test here: for my Leadership and Administration in the Church class. According to this company, there are 16 different types of leaders, and I (story of my life) am the rarest one: the Adaptor.… Continue Reading “The Problem With Being an Adaptor”

Being Single in the Church

During my time in seminary, I found myself growing frustrated at something the church is pretty good at failing at: ministering to those who are single. I think most people view a ministry to single people means creating a program where singles can gather… Continue Reading “Being Single in the Church”

Starting Over

I was driving through town the other day, running a few errands. That always take a bit longer when you are getting to know a new city. And this city is kinds of a strange one… it’s very spread out with lots of small… Continue Reading “Starting Over”

Jacob’s Well

Photo courtesy of the Jacob’s Well website. I’ve been itching to visit Jacob’s Well church in Kansas City since I first heard about it a couple of years ago. It’s often linked with the “emerging church” movement, and according to this article the pastor… Continue Reading “Jacob’s Well”

Creative Chaos

Updated 4/4/08. Carlos over at Ragamuffin Soul is asking people to blog about a recent creative idea we’ve used in a worship service. I’m bumping this up per his request._________________________________________________________________________ Originally posted 3/20/08In my effort to build a Good Friday service with the theme… Continue Reading “Creative Chaos”


Kinetic Church in Charlotte, NC had something interesting happen. 75% of their church gear was stolen, gear that was inside a trailer. These are all around town, with different words, but similar to this one… but this is what really intrigues me:

A Dilemma for Good Friday

In my effort to build a Good Friday service with the theme of “by his stripes we are healed”, I have hit a dilemma. Here is my order of service: Video “Resurrection” Reading of Isaiah 53 Crimson (Vocal Solo) Reading: John 18: 1-18 #302… Continue Reading “A Dilemma for Good Friday”

Rich Young Ruler

We are tackling the tough text of Matthew 19 a week from this Sunday. What’s better song to include than the great Derek Webb song Rich Young Ruler? Here’s a video I made to show at the service.

"What to Expect?" – some answers.

Courtesy of Tony over at don’t call me veronica, I found this interesting post: What to Expect? Intrigued by his questions, I thought I’d make a post of it and see what came out. The questions I have for you seasoned and experienced (or… Continue Reading “"What to Expect?" – some answers.”