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A Small Glimpse

Tonight I got a small glimpse into my life if am able to go into full-time ministry. And it was good. Wednesday has been church night for me for as long as I can remember. AWANA, youth group, praise team rehearsals, you name it… Continue Reading “A Small Glimpse”

What Do I Deserve?

I struggle with the idea of the prosperity gospel. Thankfully, I didn’t grow-up with it; I’ve only encountered it as an adult and old enough to understand the premise. John Piper has a great sermon on it you can listen to at the University… Continue Reading “What Do I Deserve?”

NFL Fumbles

Kansas Bob discovered this before me. No Super Bowl in Church I find this situation very irritating.

Impregnated 3 Times by Your Youth Pastor?

Ex-pastor called ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ This makes me sad.

Ego Stroking

Musicians. *rolls eyes* *shakes head* Oy. As a worship director, I have the sometimes daunting task of dealing with… well, “different” personalities. As my mother repeated to me over and over as a child “Music people are funny.” Not funny ha-ha. Funny weird. I… Continue Reading “Ego Stroking”

The Perfect Christian

When a high-profile evangelical Christain leader has a high-profile failure, we all respond differently. I’ve been reading about Jay Bakker, son of the Jim and Tammy Faye, who’s the pastor of a church called Revolution. It’s a small church that holds a casual service… Continue Reading “The Perfect Christian”

I guess I’m… surprised?

Haggard Resigns from New Life Church I am surprised. But at the same time I’m not. Nothing much surprises me anymore. We live in a world where anything and everythings happens to anyone and everyone. I think I would be more shocked if Donald… Continue Reading “I guess I’m… surprised?”

The rest of my trip

My aunt and I spoke for quite a while more – an opportunity I’d been praying for since we decided to go on this trip together. Thankfully it was given to me: the chance to share with her God’s never-ending love no matter the… Continue Reading “The rest of my trip”

I think it might be…

…a step in the right direction. Pope Benedict XVI is expected to cast aside the concept of limbo.. Maybe those old Catholics can change after all. 🙂

EFCA Statement of Faith

My denomination is going through the process of revising the Statement of Faith. As with anything in the church, it’s been a long and complicated process, with everyone putting their two cents in about the first and second drafts changes they’ve made thus far.… Continue Reading “EFCA Statement of Faith”